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Verification Services

Nowadays, as business relationships are often built online without face-to-face contact, the need to verify an individual’s identity has become paramount to responsible and safe business dealings.

Whether your business necessitates the verification of a potential customer’s age, or you need to ensure that the person with whom you are dealing, truly is who they say they are, AltruPay provides the most technologically advanced and user-friendly identity verification tools available.

When it comes to identity verification services, AltruPay’s team is here for all your questions and needs. Our dedication to superior, customer-focused service will provide your business with a resource that you can trust. Contact us to learn more about our identity verification services and how they may benefit your business.

About Identity Verification

Identity verification services are used by businesses that need to ensure that their users or customers are indeed who they claim to be. These services implement a range of technologies that utilize key information provided by the individual and match them with known and trusted sources to confirm that individual is indeed the person they claim to be. While many of the uses for ID verification include remote transactions (where both parties are not physically in the same place), there are a number of instances where verification is beneficial or even mandated in-person, to avoid potential fraud or other misrepresentations. Examples of occasions when ID verification may be necessary include a number of financial services, such as banking or applying for a loan. In some cases, ID verification helps with the onboarding process at the point of sale, streamlining the process and minimizing time spent awaiting confirmation.

Regardless of whether a transaction occurs remotely or in person, ID verification allows for a safe and secure interaction between your business and its consumers, vendors, employers, and other organizations or individuals.

In a world ripe with fraud, make sure that your business is protected. AltruPay has years of experience when it comes to working with countless different businesses and industries. Whether you are just starting out, expanding your operations, or looking to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, let our technical experts provide your business with the best possible identity verification solutions.

Our custom-tailored approach to merchant services gives you confidence in our exceptional pricing and even better service. When it comes to ID verification, work with a company that’s dedicated to the highest levels of security, professionalism, and attention to detail. Our ID verification process cross-references verification candidates across multiple databases, offering the comfort of redundancy, to ensure that the results are accurate. Avoiding potential issues of impersonation and fraud are critical for a wide variety of businesses. Let us worry about your identity verification needs, so that you can focus on your business and taking care of your customers.

Use Cases

  • Underwriting KYC Verification (Know Your Customer)
    • Loan Origination & Financial Services
    • Location Verification
    • Bank Account Verification
    • Federal Watchlist Verification
  • Reduce Consumer Identity Fraud
    • Friendly Fraud/Chargebacks
    • eCommerce Payment Dispute protection
  • Age Verification
  • Regulated Industry Products
    • Gaming
    • CBD/Cannabis
    • Online Pharmacy
    • Tobacco Products

To protect against fraud, identity theft, and money laundering, it is essential to adhere to regulations related to verifying identity of customers.