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AltruPay. Our Mission. Our Values.

About AltruPay

AltruPay: A Name That You Can Believe In

When you envision the credit card and payment processing industry, what comes to mind? Do you think of a trustworthy reputation, of white glove customer service, and of straightforward business practices?


The answer is likely not. And we understand that – in fact, AltruPay aims to change that perception.


After all, the ability to safely accept payments is crucial for any business, no matter the industry. Whether it’s credit card processing, eCommerce solutions, ACH/eCheck acceptance, or other services, your business needs seamless transaction processing and timely payouts from a merchant services provider that’s also available to handle any issues that may arise along the way. You deserve to work with a trusted provider, one that offers a plethora of tools and cost-effective payment solutions while demonstrating a level of knowledge and diligence worthy of your company’s, and your customers’, most sensitive financial data.

We want to show you that there’s a better way for you to transact. At AltruPay, we provide a range of payment and processing solutions that are cost-competitive, reliable, and backed by a team that values the concepts of integrity, service, and altruism.


Altruism isn’t necessarily a word one might associate with the payment processing industry – until now. At AltruPay, we’re dedicated to taking an altruistic approach when it comes to serving you and your business. We offer cost-competitive solutions that you can rely on, and we pride ourselves on utilizing the newest in technology and innovation to safeguard your data while providing ease of use. We aim to go above and beyond, setting a new standard for our industry.


In the end, it’s all about trust. Our goal at AltruPay, is to earn your trust, just as we have for hundreds of businesses that rely on us to ensure their payment needs are met. Let us handle your merchant processing needs and enable you to focus on what’s most important – your business and your customers.

Our Mission

AltruPay is committed to providing innovative payment solutions to our merchants and partners regardless of industry or risk type. Utilizing technology to mitigate risk and create a safe payment ecosystem.

Our Values

Altruism in Payments. Providing a selfless approach to to the world of  payments.

-Put the customer first.

-Encourage team members growth, both at work and at home.

-Evolve our business everyday to better serve our customers.

-Give back to our community.