About Us

AltruPay. Our Mission. Our Values.

About AltruPay

AltruPay is a US based payment provider offering tailored-to-fit payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. From your local bakery down the street to Fortune 500 companies you use everyday, our team provides hands-on meticulous service throughout the entire process. AltruPay stands for Altruistic Payments. Doing what is best for our customers is our focus.

AltruPay was formed by industry veterans from all facets of payments and financial technology, specifically in merchant services and ACH. Our team firmly believes in Altruism in Payments… Providing a selfless approach to our customers and partners and putting their best interests at heart.


Our Mission

AltruPay is committed to providing innovative payment solutions to our merchants and partners regardless of industry or risk type. Utilizing technology to mitigate risk and create a safe payment ecosystem.

Our Values

Altruism in Payments. Providing a selfless approach to to the world of  payments.

-Put the customer first.

-Encourage team members growth, both at work and at home.

-Evolve our business everyday to better serve our customers.

-Give back to our community.