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Merchant Accounts

Now more than ever, our economy is centered on digital transactions. The days of cash being king are long over as credit cards, eCommerce, remote payments, and mobile payment solutions continue to evolve.

Is your business in a position to leverage these changes to better serve your customers while also running more efficiently and effectively? Do you have all the tools necessary – both technology and knowhow – to outshine your competition? Do you have a merchant account provider that you can trust to safeguard vitally important, sensitive information, and to be there to offer support when you have an urgent need?

At AltruPay, we recognize that no business can succeed without revenue – yet the very card processing and payment industry that allows you to collect funds is fraught with unanswered questions and frustrations. This leaves businesses continually concerned over the state of their processing needs: Is their data safe? Is their customers’ data safe? Will their provider be there to offer support when they need it, whether this support is technical or service-related?

In an industry full of companies that offer a similar range of services (often with a narrow difference in cost, if any), what makes a great partner for your business’ financial transactions? You deserve to work with a company that’s dedicated to serving your needs and the needs of your customers through a transparent, cost-effective, and service-oriented approach. You need to partner with a provider that’s built its reputation on standing out by taking care of its merchants – by offering the meticulous, individualized service of a boutique firm alongside a breadth of resources and experience that enables them to tackle any issue that your business may face today or into the future.

AltruPay’s decades of combined experience enables our team to rise to any challenge, ensuring that your business is in good hands – always.

Honest. Dependable. Altruistic. It’s all in the name – AltruPay.

A Wide Array of Solutions for All of Your Business Needs

Businesses, like people themselves, are unique. At AltruPay, our expert team has the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of a full array of companies, with a custom-tailored approach that gives you confidence in our exceptional pricing and even better service. Let us worry about your processing needs so you can focus on your businesses and making your customers happy, just as we strive to do for you.

Our experienced team provides merchant account services to a plethora of companies and organizations:

  • Brick and Mortar Retail, eCommerce, and Hybrid Stores
  • Live Goods and Services
  • Restaurant and Entertainment
  • Travel Services and Hospitality
  • Sports and Gaming
  • Tobacco, CBD, and Adult-Oriented

Whether the bulk of your business is done in-person with a physical credit card present, done remotely online through eCommerce, or a hybrid of the two, AltruPay offers a vast number of solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. We serve businesses of all sizes and geographic reach, from side hustles to startups to multi-national companies. When you partner with the AltruPay team, you’ll gain the confidence of working with the most trusted and respected provider for your payment processing needs.