Celerant | AltruPay

Accelerate Your Retail Sales With A Celerant Point of Sale, Powered by AltruPay

Celerant Technology is an all-in-one retail technology provider that helps businesses do more with less while saving time and money.

They cater to retailers of all sizes that span across varied verticals by offering Cumulus Retail, designed for small to medium businesses, and Stratus Enterprise, designed for large retailers and enterprises.

Celerant offers everything a business needs to succeed in today’s retail landscape, both in-store and in the eCommerce world. Celerant’s point of sale system is designed to offer an all-in-one solution that lets retailers manage their accounting, marketing, back office, specialty services, and so much more.

Celerant is fully integrated with AltruPay payments, so both new and existing AltruPay customers can select a Celerant Point of Sale system for their retail storefront. To learn more about Celerant and AltruPay’s partnership, click here.

Celerant Technology is an all-in-one retail technology provider

Point of sale, eCommerce, inventory tracking, plus everything else you need to sell more, now with payments powered by AltruPay!

Celerant’s point of sale is designed to help independently-owned and enterprise retailers more efficiently run their business, in-store and online, while enhancing digital marketing strategy.

Celerant + AltruPay Highlights

Celerant, with payments powered by AltruPay offers retail businesses a robust system for managing retail and online sales, inventory, customer relations, and more. Here are a few feature highlights:

  • All-in-One Point of Sale System
    Operate your retail store and eCommerce website as ONE with integrated software
  • Expand your Digital Marketing Efforts
    Reach more customers for more conversions with automated marketing tools in the POS system
  • Simplify Inventory Management Woes
    Boost inventory management with software that uses min/max levels for automatic purchase orders
  • Make your Back Office Digital
    Run reports and accounting tasks in the POS software that can be accessed via the cloud from anywhere
  • Expand your Product Offerings
    Import vendor catalogs and upload product descriptions, imagery, and style/color combinations
  • Never Lose Connectivity
    Keep sales and transactions running with a cloud-based POS system, even if your store loses internet